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Through a step-by-step method, students aged 6 - Adult are taught basic drawing and painting skills which result in art work that is realistic and attractive. Our students no longer experience boredom or frustration, as they are taught on an individualized basis according to their personal abilities and skills, moving ahead at their own pace. This enables them to be given the artistic "tools" they need to create art for the rest of their lives.

J ART ACADEMY's philosophy is that "creativity follows mastery," and that a strong foundation of classical skills will enable students to eventually follow any artistic path they choose.

J ART ACADEMY demonstrates that anyone can learn to draw and paint. 
The J ART ACADEMY approach to drawing is based on the fact that any form can be broken down into simple shapes. Once the student's eye is trained to understand their size and placement, and the student's hand is trained to accurately represent what the eye has seen, that person can draw realistically. The student explore can drawing and painting mediums such graphite, charcoal, pen and ink, pastels, watercolors, acrylics, oils

We're here to help your child learn and grow.

 J ART ACADEMY 는 미국시애틀 (린우드)에 위치한 입시미술 전문학원으로 Fine Art 와 Design 을 전공하신선생님들이 열정을 다해 Fine art, Animation, Graphic, IndustriaI design, llustrationArchitecture..거의 모든 분야의 학부신입,편입,대학원 과정으로 고교재학생부터 미술전공및 비전공 대학재학및 졸업생들에 이르기

까지 모든 Art & Design 관련 미술대학 준비생들이 입학지원 할때 필수로 요구되는 포트폴리오​ 제작및 완성을 위한 미술 실기 교육을 책임지고 있습니다. 또한 전공별

지원학교 선정및 입학까지의 미술에 관련된 종합적인 정보제공을 해드립니다.

Wish it !..... Dream it !..... Do it !....  since  2011


 제이 아트 아카데미 미술교육원


2019 Mukilteo City Art Contest

High Categoty 

1st place  Jonghun Lee

2nd place  Jonghun Lee

Intermediate Category

1st place Susanna Lee

2nd place Olivia Pak

Junior Category 

2nd place Sara Kim